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Craniosacral Therapy / Fascial Energetics

  • Release Clinic 38 Jalan Pemimpin Singapore, 577178 Singapore (map)

The physical body is a manifestation or representation of an energy field made of segments of vibrations. Nothing rests, everything vibrates. Everything in some subtle way, moves. Every living things pulses with the flow of life force that pervades the universe. Life is movement. When this movement is disturbed we get disease or reduced function.

Disease or illness typically develops in the energetic field first before symptoms appear. In the energy field this is commonly characterised as an imbalance of energy flow (stagnation, excess or deficiency). In fascial energetics we refer to this imbalance of energy as a lesion. Over time, the disease or illness progresses and develops to the point where symptoms appear in the physical body. When the disease or illness is found both in the energy field and physical body, treatment should be focused on both the energy field and the physical body simultaneously for best results.